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In music production, I generally believe in capturing truth.   Perhaps not the gritty, naked, shameful kind, but truth nonetheless.   If it’s a band, I want the listener to be able to envision the band playing… and I often shun production choices that pull me out of that illusion.



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“Famous for being beholden to no one and speaking the truth…”

I had no idea who Bob Lefsetz was until someone on a random music blog somewhere recommended his email newsletter.   He’s apparently been publishing music industry advice and an insider perspective for over 25 years and I highly recommend subscribing to his newsletter if you are a musician or connected to the music industry in any way.

At once inspiring and depressing in its frankness, the information and insight Bob provides is always worth your time.   He’s also prolific; expect to receive an average of 2 emails a day.   While his viewpoint originates largely from the major label music industry, those of us who live and work outside that machine can still find much to ponder.   Also, it’s free….yet priceless.

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This is both my personal and professional site .  Click on the tabs above to hear and see some of my music, audio, and multimedia works and learn about me and my production philosophy. I’ll be posting regularly on the blog about music/audio/media issues, techniques, resources, ongoing projects, and whatever else comes to mind.  Please feel free to comment.  Follow me on twitter (@ScottAblaze) for regular updates.

—- Scott

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